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A tree is a perennial woody plant. It is most often defined as a woody plant that has many secondary branches supported clear of the ground on a single main stem or trunk with clear apical dominance. Trees must be at least 10 ft tall.

New Trees For Our Forests: Foresters tell us we are cutting our trees faster than they grow. For example, many of the giant spruce trees leaving their forest home for airplane factories these days are fully 400 years old.

Sugar-Pines Saved: When visitors to Yosemite National Park follow the winding Big Oak Flat Road through ten or twelve miles of glorious sugar-pine forest to the Park entrance, they will be passing through what was just yesterday on the verge of becoming a desolate, tree stripped waste.

These Ten Trees Are The Most Important In All The World: Naming the ten most important trees in the world is similar to naming the ten best books or the ten greatest men. It is apt to arouse a great deal of controversy.