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Trientalis Americana. Primrose Family.

Stem. - Smooth, erect. Leaves. - Thin, pointed, whorled at the summit of the stem. Flowers. - White, dedicate, star-shaped. Calyx. - Generally seven-parted. Corolla. - Generally seven-parted, flat, spreading. Stamens. - Four or five. Pistil. - One.

Finding the delicate starflower in the May woods, one is at once reminded of the anemone. The whole effect of plant, leaf, and snow-white blossom is starry and pointed. The frosted tapering petals distinguish it from the rounded blossoms of the wild straw-berry, near which it often grows.

This flower grows up to 9 inches tall and has one or two white flowers which consist of seven petals that form a star-like shape. The plant blooms between May and June.

The starflower is good for low groundcover in duff under pines, or in moist, acidic woodland gardens.