Shepherd's Purse

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Capsella Bursa-pastoris. Mustard Family.

Stem. - Low, branching. Root leaves. - Clustered, incised or toothed. Stem leaves. - Arrow-shaped, set close to the stem. Flowers. - White, small, in general structure resembling other members of the Mustard family. Pod. - Triangular, heart-shaped.

Shepherd's purse is one of the commonest of our wayside weeds, working its way everywhere with such persistency and appropriating other people's property so shamelessly, that it has won for itself the nickname of pickpocket. Its popular title arose from the shape of its little seed-pods.

Unlike most flowering plants, it flowers almost year round.

Gathered from the wild or purposely grown, Shepherd's purse is used as food to supplement animal feed, for cosmetics, and for medicinal purposes.