Pink Diamond Gift to Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth

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Gems and Gemology, Winter 1948-49

As a wedding gift, Dr. J. T. Williamson presented Her Royal Highness The Princess Elizabeth with a rough 54 carat diamond of a deep pink color which had been found in his Tanganyika mine.

Gems & Gemology is informed by the Diamond Trading Company, Ltd., that in February, 1948, after very careful examination of the crystal, its cutting and polishing was entrusted to the firm of Briefel & Lerner of London. Upon examination of the diamond, the cutter recommended a brilliant cut and estimated a total recovery of approximately 15 carats.


The rare colored stone is described by the Diamond Trading Company as pure and of an original vague heart shape with one concave side. There was some risk that this cavity would not disappear when it was polished to its estimated dimensions, with the result that any recurring would greatly reduce its weight. The diamond was considered of such rarity and beauty that Mr. Briefel determined to polish it to shape and so avoid any risks in sawing or cleaving.

At the "cross-work" stage the pink diamond weighed 38.5 carats and still retained its rare pink color which was constant through the stone. Hopes were raised that the diamond might, when finished, weigh considerably more than the minimum guaranteed by the firm.

The polishing was completed April 14, 1948 and the result was a perfect brilliant of a deep pink color weighing 23.6 carats. The future of the unique pink diamond is not at present known as Her Royal Highness has not yet decided on the manner in which the stone will be mounted.